Diameter 200 Conditioning Conveyor

Model: CC 200

Drive: Geared motor

Transmission: Flexible coupling

The function of this conveyor is to add water to the grain and mix it thoroughly as it is conveyed to the conditioning bins. This conveyor is fitted with adjustable paddles to ensure that the product is thoroughly wetted over a relatively short period. The paddles can be adjusted to increase/decrease the residence time in the conveyor. The normal configuration is a double trough providing a continuous mixing action throughout the flow.

The trough sections are 2.4 meters long and are fabricated from 3 mm mild steel. The shaft is supported at each joint by a hanger bearing. The motor base and drive bolt directly onto the endplates.

The conveyor is covered with a dust tight lid and the outlet end has a hinged cover to enable overflow if a blockage occurs.

The CC 200 is suitable for capacities from 2 t/hr to 5 t/hr. The recommended length of travel to ensure complete mixing is 6 meters. (Twin trough)


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