"RHODES" Roller Mill

Model: RM - 5   250mm X 1000mm

Drive: 11 kW - 18 kW - 1400 rpm motor

This sturdy and substantially robust machine contains one pair of rolls, arranged on a horizontal plane, with easily adjustable roll clearance by means of knurled knobs on either side of the machine.

Each roll is fitted with grease lubricated self-aligning heavy duty spherical roller bearings mounted on either side of the machine frame. Grease nipples are fitted to the outside of the machine for easy lubricating purposes.

The centrifugally cast and dynamically balanced roll chills are fluted to meet the specific requirements of the particular milling passage.

For ease of operation, manually operated engagement and disengagement of the main roll chills is a feature of the machine. Pneumatic operation is an option.

Transmission between the main grinding rolls is achieved by a triplex chain and sprocket drive arrangement. Various ratios are available to meet specific requirements.

Even distribution of the product over the entire width of the main grinding rolls is achieved by an independent electronic variable speed drive mounted on the feed rolls. A digital indicator shows the rpm at any chosen setting (from 0 to 3000 rpm)

An ammeter is fitted to each machine for ease of monitoring the load on the main drive.

A stop button switch is mounted in an easily accessible position on the machine in case of an emergency.

Each machine is equipped with a main vee pulley connected to the drive motor via vee belts. The motor is fitted to the machine as a complete unit.

The motor kilowatt for each machine is calculated from the capacity of stock to the machine and grinding application required. On particular passages certain rollermills are equipped with an adjustable brush cleaning arrangement to ensure optimum grinding conditions.

Each machine is equipped with an aspiration point to ensure efficient aspiration of the grinding chamber.

To comply with safety regulations, the machine is fitted with light weight and easy to remove glass fibre end covers which totally enclose the primary and secondary drives.

Each machine is mounted on its own stand and is supplied with outlet hoppers as required.

The basic roll stand is designed to fit back to back, if required, to provide the two separate roll units, each being fed and driven independently.

A prominent feature provides for the roll stands to be stacked allowing the initial ground product to fall directly into the second roll stand mounted below.

The RHODES Roller mill is a low maintenance, high quality, robust and reliable machine designed and developed to meet the market requirements. The machines have been installed and tested in a 3 ton/hr maize mill with great success.

The machine is manufactured in South Africa and all spares are readily available.

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