Turbo Sifter

Model: TS - 5

Drive: 4 kW 1400 rpm motor

Transmission: V - belts and pulleys

The Turbo Sifter TS - 5 is an efficient and compact sifter with adjustable beater blades fitted to a rotating shaft. The blades beat the product through a perforated screen to achieve separation. The screen is sized to suit the application. The blades can be set to vary the flow of product through the machine.

The Turbo Sifter is effectively used after the degerminator to recover the fines and separate the high oil content grit/meal.

An inspection door is fitted to the side to enable inspection of the product whilst the machine is running. The main body contains an aspiration hood to enable the removal of dust.

The TS - 5 is suitable for capacities up to 5 t/hr.


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